More than just a help.
Project about special kids
and special people.

Our mission - to give fundamental basics of computer science to children with special needs and orphans

About Project

Programming school for children CODDY® and “Gulfstream” charitable foundation initiated the charity project to support children with developmental and health issues, children from single parent or low-income families and to orphans.
"Gulfstream" wards learn the basics of programming, design, entrepreneurship and many other disciplines free of charge.

their lives

We believe that in our fast-changing world, it is important for children to get along with skills of the 21st century and understand how technologies can change the world for the better.


one of the best instruments for improving creativity, logic, critical thinking and skills of resolving problems, which can be used in professional and personal life of children
now and in the future.

How it works


We are searching for the best teachers for group and private skype lessons


Finding pupils among "Gulfstream" children


Kids recieving 21st century skills and opening a new world of possibilities in life and work for themselves

How to

Become volunteer teacher
Spare 1 hour a week of your time to teach online
Donate a computer
PC or tablet for education at home
Donate money
Send SMS to 3443 with text "Гольфстрим 300", where 300 - is any donation amount, or use the button below.

Our children

Any support will be useful!

Our volunteers

These people offered their help and became part of our team.

You сan

Give children a successful career and inspire them to become architects of their future!

«Best social project in Russia 2017-2018»